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Dana, I think even you would be amazed at my progress this morning. From the way I zombie-walked away yesterday, you might not think I'd make it home. Well, I stopped for gas (walking v-e-r-y slowly), and had to stop for milk at Safeway. Surprisingly, carrying the heavy gallon jug to the counter made it easier to walk. I didn't take pills when I got home and slept well without them. This morning, I arose with only a bit of stiffness. But the pain of walking had disappeared. DISAPPEARED! I even managed a bit of a dance to my morning music. However, I'm taking it easy today to let my body catch up.

You are such a healer —

and I am so grateful both to know you and to receive your special skills. THANK YOU!




Hi Dana,

Thank you again for your willingness to jump in and share on such short notice. I appreciate your flexibility... and the way you connected the theme of your book to the topic at hand.

In the short time you had, you passionately and authentically conveyed meaningful information. Your presence came forth in an inspiring way. I was very pleased and only wished we had more time.

I received several comments afterwards regarding the level of "candid sharing." Many seemed to have been moved and validated in their own experiences.

Thanks again! You are a blessing.


~ ~ ~ ~


I wish I could bottle up your speaking style and give it to others. You are very sincere and genuine. More importantly, your conviction in your message comes through. These are things that I cannot teach. I am however, more aware of these things in my delivery after working with you which is helping me to improve my attitude when in front of groups. So, helping you helped me too.

Rod Mattson

CEO Mattson Communication Training