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Your personal guidebook to self-love, empowerment and peace of mind.

You can purchase this book here or through the author dana.quade@yahoo.com or find us on facebook by searching "doing the thing" and request your autographed copy today.

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You can also purchase this book through the author dana.quade@yahoo.com or find us on facebook and request your autographed copy today. 

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I bought Dana's book a few weeks ago and started to read it with a healthy dose of skepticism as is my normal practice on anything. While reading her book and reflecting I found great comfort and relief. Many things in my past that I let make me feel embarrassed, full of regret or shame, I was able to let go of it all because of Dana's words. I recommend her book to anyone who wants to spend quality time in introspection for the purpose of learning to live in the moment for peace, self-acceptance, and a stronger self efficacy.  I feel better about myself and am enjoying life more; you will too.

Rod Mattson

CEO Mattson Communication Training

Dana Quade's book "Doing The Thing" is like having your own personal guru with you in times of self discovery and during challenges we all face in our live. I carry it with me, since it is small and compact in size but huge in it's messages. The difference between this book and so many other self-help books is that it is not long winded and you can virtually open it to any page and discover a new way of looking at a situation that you had never considered before.  I can't say enough about this life altering book. It's truly a diamond in the sea of self-help books; it is all you will ever need. It covers parenting, emotions, anger, relationships but mostly your relationship with yourself! Love it!! 

Jeanne Ott,  RDA, Reiki Practitioner

5.0 out of 5 stars

Love Yourself

, By 

Krysta Gibson

(Gold Bar, WA USA) -

See all my revi

This review is from: Doing The Thing (Perfect Paperback)

"Doing the Thing" is treating yourself with loving kindness. The author makes the case for learning to truly love ourselves, but she then goes on to give us very specific, workable, and in many cases, fun, ways to do this.

From handling emotions and relationships with family, friends, and strangers, she takes us on a ride of self-discovery that is empowering. There are lots of personal stories and examples as well as exercises and drawings to explain the processes being discussed. This book really is about how to quit focusing on the world outside of yourself and learning how to focus inside - then living from that place of centeredness and power.

Dana is a wife, mother and health care professional who has spent 30 years studying and experiencing self-actualization and human potential. In this book, she shares the fruit of her own processes.

5.0 out of 5 stars doing the thing, By Bob A (Seattle) - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Doing The Thing (Perfect Paperback)The book " Doing the Thing " was both unique and refreshing. D Quade captured a style of writing that closed a circle on her points. She showed a special talent for clarity in very complex situations by citing real situations. Most self-help books leave you wondering and wandering. This story of her life and thoughts slams the door on questions. It's clear. It's complete, and it's well written. Life is a journey. The life she describes in the book is a miracle. It offered me a chance to truly change my thinking.

 ~ ~ ~ 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Life Changing

, By 


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This review is from: Doing The Thing (Perfect Paperback)

Doing The Thing has improved my life immeasurably. With insights and clarity provided by the book I have been able to focus not only on what I can change, but what is Ok to let go of. This book provides strategies for the letting go process. Also, while I thought I had a decent self-image I became aware that I had no interest in romancing myself, or bringing joy to my own life, because on some level I didn't care enough to try. I now have a renewed sense of self, a much healthier and positive self-image, and more courage to stay on a path of awareness and self love.

I would highly recommend Doing The Thing for anyone interested in feeling more joy in their life.

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